New club kids

I’ve found out about this (originaly Bulgarian) photograph living in London named Oggy Yordanov that caught my interest by his outrageous photographs wich are reflecting the London night club scene,like we could see in 80’s London era sparked by Boy George and gender-mixing ,and probably influenced by Gaga and its crazy costumes?who nows…one think is for shure,this guy has a taste for ‘beauty’ and his launched book of photos taken in London¬†between 2001-2010 ‘New Club Kids’ worth to see.

For those who like ‘art clubbing’ places,party ¬†venues happen monthly in Shabba-Dabba-Da,Circus (Paramount),The Face, W Hotel, end every October at Cafe De Paris.

Club rules : Dress code must be over-the-top

Everything must be self produced

No labels allowed,unless that consists of cutting up-)